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We are one of the well-known cultivators
of a wide range of flowering plants,
fruit plants, foliage plants,
ornamental plants, palm plants and
trees.These meet the demands
of horticulture and farming sector.
Placement HR

where the supervisor always critizes me and never says anything positive to me. She really got to me today so reduced me to tears because my observation work I had to complete for this week got affected because she didnt alllow me to carry it out because she didn't know about it. I got permission from the room leader so didn't know I had to ask her also. She spoke to my tutor and now she's really angry so I dont know what to do?
Noone has the right to reduce anyone to tears. Her job is to develop you through being a postive role model and supporting you with all your college reqiurements.She sounds like a bully in the work place.Let your tutor know exactly what is going on maybe you can change placements. plz talk to someone who can help you.
This is bullying, you need to speak to your Tutor and explain the problem, failing that then speak to the Room leader and explain. Obviously something has upset the woman but it is not your fault and you need help to srt it out. She is being totally unreasonable, students are placed on rooms to learn not to be intimidated.Seek help from others as she seems unapproachable.

We provide top of the class Placement Services all over India, having associations with leading companies and a host of lucrative opportunities for the candidates to choose from.

We provide the best candidates towards reliability. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible flexibility and reliability in customer service. Our network enables clients to benefit from a package tailored to their needs and time requirements.

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