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We are one of the well-known cultivators
of a wide range of flowering plants,
fruit plants, foliage plants,
ornamental plants, palm plants and
trees.These meet the demands
of horticulture and farming sector.


Garden Design
Our in-house design team specialise in creating gardens of all styles, sizes and budgets.
Whether it's a safe place for children to play, an outside entertaining space for summer evenings or simply a place to relax at the end of a long day, we can create a garden to suit your individual tastes and needs.
Having our Garden Design office at the Nursery in Udaipur affords our clients the unique opportunity to assess plants, furniture, containers and materials as part of the design process. Balaji Nursery's is a personal, long term approach which uses our experience and expertise to create beautiful spaces that will continue to develop and delight long into the future.
Garden Management
With over 400 separate gardens and interior landscapes being serviced on a regular basis, Balaji Nurseries is one of the capital's most experienced maintenance contractors.
Our success is derived from excellent client communication. Our supervisors take personal interest in individual contracts and each is serviced by the same fully equipped team who visit on a regular basis.
A full technical back-up and design input means that all of our contracts are managed rather than simply being maintained. This ensures that the original intentions of the designer are fully realised.
Corporate Services
Commercial clients appreciate our awareness of financial constraints and the need for economic but effective solutions. We are happy to bid on competitive tenders and to realise the ideas of other designers. We pride ourselves on our professional approach to the design and building industries, enjoying good working relationships with architects, interior designers and fellow construction managers.
Plants and flowers for the home are every bit as important as the outdoor variety. Here at Balaji Nursery, we have the expert staff to advise you and the finest quality cut flowers, flowering plants and greenery for every occasion and location.
Architectural plants such as Palm, Cactus and Ficus are complemented by Orchid, Jasmine and Gardenia; form and fragrance together.
Not only do we stock a wide range of cut flowers, but we can also take orders for those extra special blooms - for that extra special occasion.
Here at Balaji Nurseries, we recognise that our place in society is to make India greener, both literally and metaphorically. We strive to keep our environmental impact as low as practically possible, so in the last year we have introduced waste recycling and water efficient display beds to the nursery.
The nursery has always been a green oasis for people and animals alike and we are trying to increase the draw by feeding the birds. Not only does the sound of birdsong fill the air, but their increased populations help us clear up any pest problems that might break out - a very happy arrangement. And it's not just our own backyard that we're interested in!
Our aim is to supply an organic or environmentally friendly alternative to every chemical fertilizer and pesticide that we sell. And if you're not sure which one to choose, our enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff are always on hand to advise you.
We are no longer buying and will soon stop supplying plastic bags. We already provide Jute bags for customers with a conscience and as soon our plastic bags run out (in a couple of months) we will make that position absolute. By providing Jute bags instead of plastic we hope to reduce our contribution to landfill and decrease our dependence on oil.

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